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Hey, it’s the Loverman Jerry Wade.

Doing my research on chivalry, back in the old days, men treated women like queens and moviestars. Let’s give a little description of chivalry:

1) a man that opens the car door for you

 2) a man that will wait at the dinner table and not eat until you get your plate

3) a man who will make sure you’re take care of sexually before he worries about himself

4) a man who when you have a cold is attentive to your needs

5) a man who drops off you at the door when it’s raining

When does this go too far before it becomes a turnoff?

Women call the show all the time and say a man who is too nice turns her off – even though he’s a good guy and loves her. The question stands, “How far can a man go with chivalry before it becomes a turnoff?”

So, I did my own survey and I just want to say that 70 percent of women surveyed said  they would love chivalry to exist in 2011. And they would love and cherish that man for the rest of their lives. Thirty percent of women said they like a little chivalry but it becomes a turnoff because he starts to look like a wimp and weak.

The thirty percent said they want a strong man who every once in a while will tell them to “Sit down” or “Shut up, I’m running this show.” And when I say “shut up” that’s exactly what I was told in the survey. (Bad boy’s syndrome, that’s another topic.)

Fellas, it looks like chivalry still exists. If you have a good woman in your life, get chivalry with it.

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