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March 9th is date that will forever live in the minds of Hip-Hop Heads across the world. Its predominantly known as the date Late and VERY GREAT Notorious B.I.G was gunned down in California. However, on March 9th 2011 Locals Only in Indianapolis, Indiana took time to recognize another Hip-Hop Great…Rapper AZ as he Celebrates the 15th Anniversary of his Certified Gold Debut release “Doe or Die”!

AZ is most popularly know for this album and his work but in as a member of “The Firm” alongside Nas, Foxy Brown, Nature and at one time Cormega”. I got a brief moment to talk to AZ before the show to ask “Does he feel he needs a re-introduction and how come we never got that Nas/AZ album that we all anticipated.

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I wanted to talked to him about Prodigy and what his release from prison means. My super group/collaboration idea of AZ, Kool G Rap, Nas and The Late Great Big Punisher and since it was March 9th…His fondest B.I.G Memory. Perhaps those questions will be answered at a later date. Salute to AZ and congrats on your first effort that has indeed stood the test of time.

SPECIAL THANKS To Jason and the Good People of “Four See Entertainment” who invited us out to cover their event. It was definitely appreciated!