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A lot of women won’t tell you what they really want in bed. They are emotional creatures and love the foreplay and the cuddle time. The truth is they long for a man that can rock their world and make them surrender and scream in pleasure. They fake it because they don’t want to hurt your feelings.

75% of women admit to faking. Women know that a man puts a lot of stock into his sexual performance and so they fake it to stroke your ego. Admit it, when you think you have made her weak in the knees, you feel great! You feel like Don Juan.

Its also a fact that most women take longer to reach orgasm than men. If a man knows what do do, and how to do it, it will not take a woman so long to peak to sexual pleasure. She is capable of having many orgasms if you are able to give them to her. Women are not limited to the number of orgasms she can achieve. How would you like to be told, please please stop, I can’t take anymore. You can make a woman scream in bed if you know what works.

When a woman loses control, her skin gets hot, and red, she has contractions, her breathing is out of control and her body writhes. She stumbles when she gets out of bed because she is weak in the knees and disoriented. If your woman is not doing this, chances are, she is faking it.

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