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Rosario Dawson might be all grown up and glamorous now, but apparently it took longer for her to grow up than most. When asked if she was bullied as a kid, the actress said, “Absolutely. It was always about how I physically looked. Growing up, a lot of the girls in my school started developing quickly. My mom has a very pronounced bust line and I was a late bloomer. One of my worst memories is getting all dressed up for a school activity and having the girls pick on me because I was flat chested. I was very much a tomboy for a long time.

Jessica Alba seems like the nicest person ever, which is probably why she was tortured in school. The actress claims she was shy and awkward and had to be protected by adults: “I was bullied so badly my dad used to have to walk me into school so I didn’t get attacked … I’d eat my lunch in the nurse’s office so I didn’t have to sit with the other girls.”

Tyra Banks was verbally bullied by her crush. “There was this boy I really fancied called Antonio Epps who was so cruel,” she remembers. “He used to say, ‘I do not want that tall, skinny, braces mouth, big forehead girl anywhere near me.’ I just broke down.” Bet he feels stupid now.

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