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Loving yourself is an important aspect of life. It is important to love yourself before you can love others. As long as you are willing to fully appreciate yourself you can learn to love yourself.

Step 1

Write a list of reasons why you love yourself. Think about compliments given to you lately and write down reasons why you should think more highly about yourself. Friendliness, caring, and a good attitude are positive points you should be sure to write down.

  • Step 2

    Do something good for others daily and praise yourself for it. Whether it is something big like donating to the needy or even as little as writing out a Missing You note to an old friend. Praising yourself for good deeds is an important part of loving yourself.

  • Step 3

    Keep a notepad specifically for compliments that you receive. Each time you receive a compliment be sure to write it down so you don’t forget it. If you are feeling down check your notepad to remind yourself why you should love yourself.

  • Step 4

    If you have any negative thoughts, write down why you are feeling this why and what you can do about it. An example: “I cannot do anything right”. Tell yourself that all people make mistakes and in order to love yourself to the fullest extend think of all the things you have done lately that are right. Correct the act that you did not do as you wanted for next time.

  • Step 5

    Do comforting things for yourself. Sometimes pampering yourself is what you deserve. Serve yourself some chocolate ice cream or relax in a soothing bubble bath. Treat yourself so you can feel great about yourself.

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