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     If your on a date with a man and he shows confidence in everything he does and has a sturdy and proud posture, this is a sign that he is confident . Usually when a man shows confidence in himself he’s usually confident in the bedroom also. If a man brags about what he can and what he is going to do to you in bed, chances are he is not good in bed. Men who are usually good in bed do not have a reason to build themselves up. They know what they have and what they can do, so there is no reason for them to convince you of it. Here are a few things to observe in a man to see if he is good in bed:

Step 1

A good dancer

If you observe the way he dances you can get a feel of the way he moves. If he is a good dancer, that indicates that he has rhythm. That’s a good thing.

  • Step 2

    A good kisser

    If a man kisses you with passion and grace that’s a good sign. If he is a graceful and not sloppy kisser it tells you a little bit about they way he displays affection. If his kiss is sloppy the sex is probably the same.

  • Step 3

    Confident with his body

    If he is confident enough to take his clothes off in front of you at the drop of a dime that’s great, as long as he doesn’t seem too confident. It shows that he is confident.

  • Step 4

    Past dating experiences

    If he has a habit of dating women in their thirties and he is in his twenties that’s a good sign. This shows he has experience with mature women and they have probably taught him how to do things in the bedroom in a mature way.

  • Step 5

    Open minded when talking about sex

    If he can talk about sex with an open-mind but also in a respectful way, that is also a sign he is good in bed. This indicates that he has no reason to feel ashamed because he is displaying to you how comfortable he is in talking about it.

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