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Step 1

You have to want her. Want her in the worst way and she will want you to take her every time. How many times have you been watching the game, worked out in the back yard, gone fishing, or just hung out with your buddies and then come home to an ice cold woman? During half time walk into the kitchen and help her with the dishes and rub against her in all the right ways. When you’re out in the back yard, invite her to come out and see what you’re working on and give her a kiss. When you’re out with the buddies call her and tell her how much you love her. She’s going to feel like you want her and when you get home at night, there won’t be any ice to speak of.

  • Step 2

    Treat her with respect. Don’t love her the way you want to love her, love her the way she wants you to love her. When she asks for that foot or back massage, do it. When she asks if you can take care of the kitchen so she can take a bath, do it. When you crawl into bed with her and she asks if you’ll snuggle her or rub her head or tickle the small of her back and sides, do it. All of these things should be second nature and when it comes to sex, she will be the one instigating it. She will be the one devouring the man she knows loves and respects her.

  • Step 3

    Sometimes a man has to be a man. When you have done all of the above and there is no rhyme or reason for her offishness, it’s time to pick her up in your arms, haul her butt into the bedroom, throw her on the bed, rip her clothes off and love her to pieces. Sometimes a woman just wants her man to be a man and do what males do in the animal kingdom. Be the protector, the provider, the lover and the progenitor! Don’t forget that the biggest turn ons for a woman are when her man is being the husband of her dreams and the best dad in the world to her kids.

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