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Should you be in your forties and looking for a special someone to share your trials and tribulations with? I know that you’ve given it a shot earlier and haven’t found very good results. They say marriages are made in heaven and throughout the church ceremony we solemnly swear before God that we will be together “till death do us part”. That was a misstatement, wasn’t it?

Therefore you are back on the market again, extremely hopeful that the very next time around you may strike gold. Not entirely an impossible thought, with a small amount of confidence and some clarity of what you are searching for, you will be ready to hit the ground running.

The forties are now the new thirties. Your mindset is what will determine how old you really are rather than your physical appearance. With a youthful outlook towards life you will feel like maintaining your looks and body to keep pace with your attitude. Not to say, you need to pretend to be somebody else other than yourself just to be a a bit more vibrant.

The key to successful dating is being comfortable with who you really are and the way you are. Should you try to be anything but yourself, the pretense will just lead you to deceive yourself and the person whom you are dating. One must look well turned out, I would say even if you’re not going on a date but just going to the supermarket to pick up some shopping. Looking good makes you feel good throughout and why would you not desire to be in that state constantly? Remember, the supermarket can also be the best place where you could get lucky just by helping someone get something off the top shelf which they could not reach by themselves.

When we reach our forties we often have several baggages of emotion with us. Some are good and some could be unhealthy. Unfortunately, human nature is such that we tend to overlook the good times and our achievements by dwelling on the punches that life has thrown at us. I know that I would not want to hang around a brooding person on a regular basis. Probably run a mile away as soon as I see them approaching unless of course they are in dire need of help and I should be helping them out as a good human being. The key is to be the type of person that anyone would want to consider knowing better. Usually those who have plenty of positive energy around them are people who easily make friends.

Managing your expectations is of utmost relevance when dating in your forties. Most of you would not be looking at having short-run flings that do not effectively culminate into a commitment. No one really wants to think about being alone in their old age craving for someone to speak to. When you are in your forties you have to start pondering these situations, as you will be knocking on that door in a decade or two.

You should not fall head-on right into a just any relationship. By the time you have reached this prime time in your life, you have developed very fixed thoughts of your desires and demands. These notions are so ingrained into your personality that it might be difficult to change them or compromise them for just about anyone at this stage. The most effective option would be to first, know yourself well enough to be able to look for the same qualities in the individual that you’ll be dating. Look back upon the people you have had relationships in the past with and recall what were those things that always drew you to them and things that you felt repulsed by.

Dating sites provide you with an opportunity to chat or get to know each other through emails. Broaden your horizons a bit; age is not such a big criteria anymore with regards to relationships. Some of the most long lasting relationships amongst celebrity couples are those where there is a significant gap between the ages of the partners. Many women in their forties prefer to date men who are a couple of years younger as they have more love of life. We all have fathers so why do we need to have a father figure in our partner? As for men, they say women are always emotionally more mature than men their age anyways, some men just might not be wanting to get mothered by their companion.

Whenever you remove age as a factor for finding a close friend or perhaps a hot partner then the number of suitors increase, so get out there and stir up things a bit! Getting a different perspective on things with someone older or much younger to you can provide you with more clarity sometimes. Older men will always give you the feeling of security however they have a long past so you do not discover how much that has altered their personalities. As for older women, they may be more stable emotionally and less dependent giving you the freedom on not having to play the role of a provider and just be each other’s soul mate.

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