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On Monday, Joyner checks in to ask Dr. Oz a question, and you can find out what he asks by tuning in. (Visit for showtimes and channels in your area.) This week’s shows deal with several topics of interest to TJMS listeners, so check them out, or if you can’t catch them when they air, then at least get that DVR going.

Here are the topics coming up on “The Dr. Oz Show” this week:

Monday, March 1

ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE SECRETS REVEALED. Food author and expert Kathy Freston, natural health physician Joseph Mercol and author/healer Deepak Chopra will guest on the show to discuss their number-one alternative medicine secret, as well as alternatives to traditional medicine, the sacredness of food and how to tap the mind to help the body. Some of this information might save your life.

Tuesday, March 2

DR. OZ’S ANTI-AGERS: HOW TO LOOK A DECADE YOUNGER AT THE DRUGSTORE. Everyone wants to reverse the effects of aging – or at the very least, just look a little younger. The best part is that Dr. Oz has solutions that don’t require expensive, painful surgery. He will show you how to look a decade younger with just one trip to the drug store. Dermatologist Dr. Jeanine Downie has some cutting-edge solutions for aging skin, and Paula Begoun, the “Cosmetics Cop,” finds inexpensive options that anyone can get at their local drugstore. They and Dr. Oz will tell you what one ingredient can help with the bags under your eyes, what researchers in Costa Rica have discovered about wrinkles and what everyday products can help with your skintone.

Also on this show, the Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem looks for help for its congregants to improve their overall health. As they are located just minutes away from Dr. Oz’s hospital, they have a great resource in Dr. Oz.

Since many members have diabetes, high blood pressure and even amputations, four church members asked Dr. Oz to get them back on the road to health. Latham Thomas, a certified nutrition counselor, personal trainer and yoga instructor who lives near the church, will help the congregation develop a three-step devotional plan to get them back into shape.

And Dr. Oz will also pay a visit to “Sesame Street” to see what Elmo’s cooking up!

Wednesday, March 3

CARNIE WILSON RETURNS. Singer/actress Carnie Wilson returns to “The Dr. Oz Show” to discuss her life-long struggle with obesity. After gastric surgery, she lost 150 pounds but gained half of it back after having two daughters. She’ll talk about the struggles she’s had trying to get the weight off and whether or not she wants to stick with the program she talked about during her previous appearance.

Thursday, March 4

SLEEP EATING: THE NOCTURNAL NIGHTMARE. There are a lot of sleep disorders out there, but Dr. Oz will discuss one of the strangest on today’s show. Yes, there are some folks who sleepwalk, but have you ever heard of the sleep eater? Well, apparently they do exist.

Dr. Oz brings in Dr. Scott Eveloff, a leading authority on sleep-related eating disorders. They will talk about the signs of a sleep eater and what causes people to do it, as well as how it can be treated.

Friday, March 5